Election Protection

Volunteers have stepped up to help with Election Protection during our Presidential Election in November, and all mid-term elections.  Your valuable contribution supports efforts toward training, supplies, and other materials to ensure a safe environment for our volunteers.

Capital Campaign

The NBA has a goal of raising one million ($1,000,000) to support our strategic vision of building a stronger future together.  Donations to this mission are critical in keeping our nearly century fight going for our legal community.

Board Contribution

As a demonstration of leadership and effort to give back, the NBA Board of Governors can fulfill their commitment by giving their Board contribution online.

Non-Member Donations

Non-Members can also donate. We encourage you to fill out the optional form.

General NBA Member Donation

This additional giving opportunity is available to any NBA member wanting to give more to support your organization and the causes critical to our African American community as we fight the fight for justice, equality, and fairness through our programs, products, and services.

National Bar Institute

(Donation is tax-deductible)

501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt non-profit organization, contributions to the NBI are tax-deductible.  The NBI receives donations and contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations.  In fulfilling its mission, the NBI has established objectives that call for, supporting students and legal educational programs, and supporting important litigation that broadly impacts the public.  It also aims to support initiatives that improve the administration of justice, promote high ethical standards for lawyers and judges, and support educational lectures, publications, and scholarly writings.

Estate Planning (Bequest): You may be looking for a way to make a significant gift to help further support the work of the National Bar Association.  A bequest is a gift made through your will or trust.  It is one of the most popular and, flexible ways that you can support the organization and concerns that are important to you, as part of your legacy.  Please contact our office to obtain more information about this option.

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