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Race, Riots, & Reparations: Remediation for America’s Historical Black Massacres


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Dear NBA Colleague,

We remain in perilous and critical times, and I write with a debt of gratitude to NBA Past President Benjamin Crump, member Chris Stewart, and former Special Prosecutor Joyette Holmes for the role each played, along with countless others, to ensure the men responsible for the senseless murder of the late Ahmaud Arbery, remain where they belong for life, behind bars. While we cannot claim justice, in good conscious, I am relieved to see accountability. Too often Blacks endure inhumane treatment resulting in neither justice nor accountability. A lack of reparations is but one example.  

The National Bar Association is privileged to, in association with Kenya Tyson and the Black Massacre Project, our 2020-21 NBA Affiliate Chapter of the Year, the Garden State Bar Association, and BankBlack, virtually present to you Race, Riots, and Reparations: Remediation for America’s Historical Black Massacres. The program takes place Saturday, January 8, 2022, from 9:00 a.m. EST to 4:30 p.m. EST. You can find the program and participant biographies here - conference program. You can register by clicking here – or 
There has long been talk of reparations for harms endured and redress through reparations is part of the 2021-22 STANDUP NBA platform promulgated by the Moore Administration and approved by the NBA Board of Governors. President Moore is pleased to be a part of this program, and the NBA Policy and Programming Team are privileged for the opportunity to affiliate to bring the program to you, thanks to the great work of NBA Region III Director and NBA Programming Director Nilaja Ford.
In close, I remain grateful to all who tuned in for our preliminary program on voting rights earlier this week, as we examined Texas as a case study. The panelists were exceptional, and the program was extraordinary. We look forward to shining the light on other state measures and evaluating impact the passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, once signed into law, will have on efforts to ensure voting rights for millions who will otherwise be disenfranchised going into the mid-term election cycle, and what’s more, we look forward to the work to come as NBA members in our individual and collective capacities in coming months, as we STAND UP to LEAD as effective agents of change once we have LISTENED AND LEARNED.
I am hopeful that we will see you, virtually, for some part of tomorrow’s reparations program, and I remain
Truly Yours,
Alicia Hughes
NBA Chief Policy Advisor

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