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Get familiar with President Hoffler's 10 Voting Tips!

  1. Reach out & touch someone!  Get 5 people registered to VOTE!!

  2. Refuse to be denied! Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE on election day if you experience issues voting.

  3. Recruit volunteer poll workers!

  4. Volunteer to drive someone to the polls!

  5. Protect yourself at the polls! Wear a mask, gloves, face shield, and social distance. Bring snacks, water, chairs, and an umbrella. #BePrepared!

  6. Register with the NBA Election Protection Effort! See NBA home page for more info.

  7. Have a voting plan! Don't let anyone determine how you will VOTE!

  8. Verify your voting options NOW! In person? By mail? Know your precinct?

  9. Reach our to state election officials to find out the local rules in your area!

  10. Visit VOTE.ORG to check your voter registration status!!

    Click the button below to download the the tips in PDF format.

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