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National Bar Association Establishes The NBA Police & Misconduct Task Force


The National Bar Association has established the NBA Police and Misconduct Task Force. Like George Floyd and Eric Gardner, we can not breathe!

The National Bar Association has fought for equal rights under the law since its founding in 1925. For 95 years, we have spoken truth to power about unjustified and unpunished killings of innocent African Americans, whether the method of murder was lynching or gun violence. We do so again.

Yesterday, the National Bar Association made a very public live broadcast demand for the arrest and charging of all four police officers involved in the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis before any arrest announcement.

Furthermore, we also demanded President Trump cease and desist from making inflammatory and politicized statements regarding using the Military against lawful and peaceful protesters in U.S. Cities.

The National Bar does not condone violent acts.

Moreover, it is unacceptable that only one of the four fired officers involved in killing George Floyd was charged with murder. Additionally, it is unacceptable that fired officer Chauvin - who was seen on the video intentionally pressing his knee on George Floyd's neck for approximately nine minutes - was only charged with third degree murder and second degree manslaughter.

The National Bar Association is outraged that Black Americans continue to die at the violent hands of White police officers and vigilantes, including Jogger Ahmaud Arbery and EMT worker Breonna Taylor, who was killed in bed. Moreover, it is a grave injustice that local law enforcement officers and prosecutors constantly delay action, and many of these killings go unpunished.

For these reasons, I have established the NBA Police and Misconduct Task Force. This task force will investigate police misconduct cases, support victims, lawyers, communities, and our coalition partners, and develop recommendations for structural and institutional change.

Stay Safe and Healthy,
Alfreda Robinson
President & CEO
National Bar Association

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