40 Under 40 Recipients – Top 5

The Candidates Need Your Vote and Support

Voting ends at Midnight July 9th , 2018

During the August 1, 2018, Black-tie Awards Gala, recipients of the Nation's Best Advocate of the Year and the Excellence in Leadership, Service, Activism, and Innovation awards will be announced. Here is your opportunity to help decide which of the nominees will win these five honors. Recipients of these awards will be selected based on the following:  1) cumulative voting using this form; 2) review of the original packages submitted; and 3) voting of the selection committee. These three areas will be appropriately weighted to select the five recipients.

Please review the bios of each of the 40 recipients and cast your vote for the five (5) candidates whose current body of work separates them and qualifies them for one of the individual awards: Excellence in Activism | Excellence in Innovation | Excellence in Leadership | Excellence in Service | Nation’s Best Advocate.

Bios will open in a new tab. Remember to click submit under each column.