NBA 95th Convention Virtual Conference FAQ

The National Bar Association (NBA) is hosting its first-ever virtual convention in order to accommodate members impacted by the current health environment and the accompanying travel bans. The NBA will deliver a totally digital experience for our 95th Annual Convention & Exhibits in July 2020. We intend to deliver the extraordinary content, context, and incomparable uniqueness of the joyful experience that is the well-known hallmark of the NBA Annual Convention.


Q: What is a virtual event?
A: This virtual event is essentially an event that you can attend from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, or wherever else you can think of, through your personal computer or mobile device. Think of it as attending a standard NBA webinar but with the ability to engage with anyone else that is attending a convention either physically or online. We are bringing two worlds together for a shared unique experience!

Q: Who can participate in the Virtual Convention?
A: The Virtual Convention is open to anyone interested in the NBA and the experience that will be created and pay the registration fee. *Some sessions are reserved for NBA members only.*

Q: How do I register for a virtual event?
A: Register for the virtual event by selecting the registration option from the NBA Events webpage. Follow the on-screen instructions by logging in as a member (or by creating an account if you are not a member) and filling out the information required to register. This process is the same as registering for an in-person convention. Additional information regarding how to attend the convention via your computer or mobile device will be forwarded once you have completed the registration process.

Q:How much does it cost to attend virtually?
A: The pricing structure has taken into consideration that by attending virtually, you won’t need to book travel and lodging accommodations. Remember, you are paying for the value of the education and engagement, which will be of the highest quality as we take the convention experience to a new level.

  • $250-Full Access
  • $150-CLE Only (Member)
  • $300-CLE Only (Non-Member)

Q: Can I transfer my payment to the virtual event if I have already registered for the 95th Convention & Exhibits?
A: Yes! Simply email our Membership Team to advise of what category you will participate under (Full Access only) or CLE Only (Non-Member) at The difference of your fee can be applied to your NBA membership renewal, donated to the NBA or contact the office for more options, at (202) 842-3900.

Q: How will I earn CLE credit for the educational sessions?
A: To earn CLE credit for any educational session you attend, it will be important to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the American Bar Association. In addition to being fully registered for the conference, each participant will have to respond to prompts that will appear throughout the session. Depending on the type of credit you need to receive, you will have to respond to a certain number of prompts in order to receive credit once the session concludes.

Q: Who is eligible to vote in the general election which will be held on Tuesday, July 28, 2020?
A: You must be a current member and must be registered for the convention in the Full Access category on or before July 15, 2020 in order to be eligible to vote in the election. Once a current member has registered by the 7/15/20 deadline then he or she will receive further information regarding voting in the mail from Election Trust LLC. A couple of days before the election, eligible voting members will receive an email with final instructions for voting.