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Dear Board Members:

          Our President works tirelessly to promote the National Bar Association.  She has exhibited incredible energy in promoting our organization. In order for our subsequent leaders to have a successful bar year, we must continue to constantly raise funds to support the programs and objectives of our organization. This guarantees the NBA’s long-term fiscal stability and allows us to consistently carry out our important mission.

President Drayton had an exceptional 94th convention that delivered a substantial profit for the NBA.  We all owe gratitude for the outstanding efforts and revenue his administration generated for the NBA.  I know that every NBA board member wishes to assist in continuing along this successful path.

When we started our current term of office, the NBA did not have a viable office space nor adequate permanent staff to recruit, retain and service our members.  Now our President and her committees has secured appropriate office space and accommodations for our staff as well as improved our member service experience.  However, our prestigious organization should have a permanent home.  

Thus, As Vice President of Finance, I am seeking your assistance with our Capital Campaign. Our goal is to raise one million dollars. These funds will be used to accomplish three goals:

  • Purchase a national headquarters for the NBA.

  • Fully fund the H.T. Smith Endowment Fund.

  • Provide funding for board approved long term strategic projects.

I have commenced the campaign by making the initial donation of $10,000.00.  Others have joined with me and we currently have over $150,000 in contributions and pledges.  You can help this project with your $1,000 donation to the capital campaign. Also, please recruit other members and friends to join our campaign.  The finance team will be seeking donations from every current and prior member of the NBA.   It is a worthwhile investment to secure our organization’s future success. If you are willing to make a donation, please do so through our NBA website or by contacting the NBA office.

Also, please consider becoming a part of the 1% Club.   You can be join by donating or raising $10,000.00 toward our goal of securing one million dollars. We are slightly more than halfway through our current bar year.  We recognize that this project will not be completed in six months.  However, we can move forward boldly with this worthwhile project in order to meet our ultimate goal.  

   Thank you in advance for your support. I will periodically provide you with updates on our other fundraising and finance efforts in order to keep you informed.

Nathaniel Lee
NBA Vice President – Finance