Divisions - A Division is a subdivision of the Association whose membership reflects a broad spectrum of common interests. The Divisions shall focus their activities upon those aspects of the practice of law that have an impact upon their members.

Sections - A Section is a subdivision of the Association relating to one of twenty-two substantive areas of the law.


Government Lawyers
Adria Greene   

Judicial Council
Leonard Murray
Law Professors
Tamera Lawson  
Law Students
Ashlee B. Reece
Cheryle Bernard-Shaw   

Partners in Majority Firms
Sheila Boston
Small Firms/Solo Practitioners
John A. Moore
Women Lawyers
Monica Dula
Young Lawyers
Khyla Craine


Administrative Law
Rawsi Williams
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Gloria Johnson
Appellate Law
Tracia Duthiers
Bankruptcy Law
Joanna C. McDonald
Civil Rights Law
Tanya Clay House
Civil Trial Advocacy
Vanita M. Banks
Commercial Law
Gregory wesley
Communications Law

Corporate Law
Twanda Turner-Hawkins
Criminal and Juvenile Justice Law
Terry Wiley
Entertainment, Sports & Art Law
Ricky Anderson
Environmental, Energy & Public Law
Benjamin F. Wilson
Family Law
Jawan Finley
Health Law
Laverne L. Tucker
Immigration Law
Allen Orr, Jr.
Intellectual Property Law
Walter Davis
International Law
Kendal Tyre
Labor & Employment Law
Kevin D. Reese
Law and Religion
Arlene Knighten
Military Law
Louis “Jamie” Boston
Real Estate & Probate Law
Reginald Long
Small Business Law
Tax Law
Lillie N. Nkenchor